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Electrical boiler


For the installation of a hot water facility we offer various options, like:

-      Electrical boiler        10 Liters

-      Electrical boiler        30 Liters   

-      Electrical boiler        50 Liters     

-      Electrical boiler        80 liters

Determining capacity needed:

With the following base rule you can determine the capacity.

Taking a bath: 120 liters for comfortable use - 170 liters for a combination tub and shower

Taking a shower: 40 liters for comfortable use - 70 liters for a long shower and rainshowers

Washbasin: Between seven to ten liters per use

WARNING: To calculate the available amount of water, the contents of the tank should be doubled by a factor of 2 to 2,5. This is because you’re using hot water mixed with cold water also while showering in order to have a pleasant 37 degrees. For 200 liters of hot water you therefore need a boiler capacity of 80 liters.

Warm up time boiler:

To determine the heating time of the boiler, below you will find a sample calculation.

1 Joule = 1 W/s [Watt per second]
You need 6270 kW / sec.

We now suppose that the power of your water heater is 10 KW (so in 1 second it delivers 10,000 joules), then it takes:

6270 / 10 = 627 sec. [ = 10,45 min]

For a standard water heater, for example of 10 liters / 3 kW, you will lead to a warm-up time of 34.8 minutes. The fast water heater of 10 liters that we use has a power output of 2200 watts. Warm-up time: 22 minutes!

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