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Temporary dining area or canteen

From construction unit to a fully equipped canteen

Where people work, people eat. This is also true for warehouse sites. Tribute Space delivers diverse solutions for temporary dining areas and canteens. From a single unit to a fully equipped canteen. Our units are suitable for every warehouse project, small or large. And, because of our flexible way of building, these are well suited to reuse in other locations.

Fast delivery

You can buy, rent or lease a temporary dining area. We have an extensive collection of new and used warehouse site accommodations. Also, customization is possible. We design the dining area or canteen exactly how you want it to be. If required we provide your temporary accommodation of furnishing and various (sanitary) facilities. We are happy to give you advice for the most (cost)efficient solution.

Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner for your temporary living or work space? Make an appointment with Tribute Space.

Temporary canteen
Temporary canteen
Canteen type comfort
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