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Temporary commercial accommodation

Temporary retail: Arranged from A to Z

Renovation, new accommodation, or fire; there are different reasons why you might be in need of a temporary retail accommodation. One thing is important, you want to get back to work as quickly as possible. Tribute Space is your partner. You can rent, buy or lease temporary retail accommodations. If desired we can coordinate the entire process for you as well. For applying for a building permit to the construction of the interior.

Customised retail premises

Of course, the temporary accommodation should be consistent with your corporate identity. Tribute Space can provide you with customised temporary retail accommodations. Because of our separate and connectable units we can build flexible. Also in terms of layout and design we can adapt the temporary retail accommodation to your wishes. From flower shop and greengrocer to butchery and supermarket, we make sure your customer can count on you at all times.

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Bakkerij Voordijk
Grocery store
Butchery outside
Temporary butchery after fire at Butchery van den Berg (Wezep, the Netherlands)
Temporary butchery after fire at Butchery van den Berg (Wezep, the Netherlands)
Temporary bakery during renovation
Temporary bakery during renovation
Sterkip Volendam
Bij Stephanie (Nijlen BE)
Flower shop
Backery van Kempen
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